The Evolution Of Sports Betting

If you’re into sports for physical fitness and socialization, why not make your sporting experience more exciting and thrilling by trying your luck with sports betting?

Betting for sports made matches more fun to watch as you can win lots of money while spectating. Yet, it never gained prominence and grandeur among patrons without challenges and changes through time. Let’s take a look back at how sports betting reached its populist status today.

Transition: Sports Betting from Ancient to Present Times

Historians said that the Greeks were the first civilization to practice sports betting during the first Olympic Games. Although, the origin is still unknown at present.

After Harry Ogden introduced bookmaking in the 1700s, sports betting gained more popularity in the following centuries, especially in horse racing events. England modernized the sports betting we knew today in the 19th century. In the 1920s, more people got interested in other sports like basketball, baseball, and football and began a new betting culture.

Regardless of its celebrated fame, sports betting and gambling have struggled against governments aiming to shut them down for centuries. Religious leaders adopted laws forbidding sports waging in the Medieval period. In England and France, their kings established laws limiting gambling and the prices at stake in the 1190s.

Things changed in the late 19th century when countries like the United States, Canada, and New Zealand saw gambling as an opportunity to raise tax revenues en route to the rise to the stardom of sports betting. Such a trend paved the way for Singapore sports betting sites to offer off-course betting operations. People get the chance to access, join, and enjoy gambling anytime, anywhere.

Web: The Game Changer

The advent of technological advancement became a platform for gambling, including sports betting, to gain fame and attract punters from corners of the world.

Before, bettors should visit the stadium or racetrack to wage their bets. Now, with one click to their personal computer, laptop, or smartphone, they can bet all day long if they want.

Modern bookmakers made sports betting more convenient by setting up websites like Singapore best online sports betting site to facilitate and accept bets.

To learn more about the history of sports betting, you may view this infographic by 88ProBet.